Our Game is Global! FC Select Participates in Programs to benefit the larger world soccer community. If you have a program you would like the club to sponsor please reach out to us!

Fields of Dreams Uganda is a U.S. based international development organization whose mission is to provide hope to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda through the vehicles of soccer and education. FoDU provides coaches, gear, equipment and tournaments to ten partner schools/orphanages throughout Uganda. The purpose is to enable the children to learn life skills such as setting goals, team work, discipline and hard work. We then provide resources to the school teachers to help the children utilize these skills as they work toward educational and career goals.


2017  OneWorld Program

One World delivers play all over the world by creating ultra-durable balls to bring the transformative power of play to the hundreds of millions of youth who don’t even have something as simple as a ball.


2014 Benefit 

Children from Africa with no connection to the Ebola virus have been shunned at schools across the country because of something that may be far more contagious: bullying.  FC Select invited a school down to the Pitch for a friendly round of soccer games to show support and friendship. 


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