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You’ve Got Questions—We’ve Got Answers

How do I join?

Players must tryout to join FC Select travel teams. Players DO NOT have to tryout for FC Select recreational programs. Travel teams play on a yearly basis while recreational programs are offered seasonally.  It is free to schedule a tryout with FC Select and you can do so at any time by creating a player profile and registering online.

How long is the season?

Joining an FC Select travel team is a commitment to play the entire year September to June. The Fall Season runs from September to mid-December. The Winter Season runs from the first week of January to March and the Spring Season runs from early March to mid June. Registration fees cover the entire period of play and are non-refundable once the season begins. Recreational programs are offered on a season basis and generally run for 8-10 weeks. 

When do we play? 

FC Select Play Fall, Winter and Spring Seasons and the Commitment is for 10 months.
During Fall and Spring players practice twice weekly and play at least one game on the weekend.
January through March all teams practice at least once a week and may choose to participate in an indoor league or play in a minimum of two tournaments.

Where do we play?

FC Select is an NYC based club with the majority of games played within the 5 boroughs and western Long Island.  Our Home Fields include Bushwick Inlet Park, in Williamsburg, Washington Park aka JJ Byrnes in Park Slope, and Queens West Sportsfield in Long Island City.  While the majority of practices and home games are featured at these fields, the Club also make use of Sternberg Park in Williamsburg, Murray Playground in Long Island City, Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 in Brooklyn Heights, Randall's Island and Corlear's Hook Park on the Lower East Side. 

What is the cost? 

FC Select fees are some of the most affordable in the travel soccer community.
FEES FOR 2022-2023 SEASON are $2,150 and the commitment is for Sept-June.
Dues are paid in full or by making three separate installments due in equal amounts -June, September and February. While the club offers these payment options they are not intended to be season to season, and all players who join are expected to play for the entire 10 month period and are, as such, responsible for the dues.  The club does offer scholarships on a case by case basis. Please contact for more information

What is included? 

Everything you need to participate throughout the year is included in your registration fee. Uniforms are reconstituted for the entire club every two years and parents are responsible for purchasing at the outset of registration and before the season begins. If you wish to purchase a replacement uniform you can do so online or by contacting the club.  Otherwise, your registration fee covers everything else you will need to participate including a US Club Soccer player pass, practice spaces both indoor and outdoors, league fees, referee fees, tournament fees, and coach fees. 

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