Summer Camp


Pre Season Camp


Bushwick Inlet Park

Our camps take place at Bushwick Inlet Park, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Summer 2021 Camp #1 will take place on August 16th - 20th, while Camp #2 will be from August 23rd - 27th. All camps run M-F from 9am - 3pm.


What to Expect? 

Fitness and stretching in the morning is followed by technical ball work and small-sided games in the afternoon.  Players should come prepared both mentally and physically for a camp that is geared towards preparing players for the rigors of competition in the season ahead. 

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What to Bring?

  • SUN SCREEN:  It will be hot and sunny so we recommend every camper bring and wear sunscreen for each session. 

  • BAG: Bring a bag to hold and carry all your belongings. 

  • CLOTHES: Be prepared for any type of weather. If you’re not sure, ask your coach what is suggested. Be sure to label personal items. 

  • SHOES: Bring soccer shoes (molded soles or firm-ground studs) for the field which is turf. 

  • SHIN GUARDS: Campers are not required to wear shinguards for technical activities but should come equipped with a pair to wear during small-sided matches and game play.

  • WATER BOTTLE or JUG: We do not provide water bottles and do not recommend sharing water bottles or jugs with other campers. Please bring your own and have your name on it.

FC Select Summer Camps take place at the end of August and are designed as pre-season camps with emphasis placed on preparing players, both mentally and physically for the Fall Season.  Current Club as well as Non-Club Players, U6-U15 are welcome to register